Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can We Escape From Reality?

"Looking forward for a firmer, softer, smoother & more radiant skin that acts up to 15 years younger? Back by clinical studies, this amazing product, the first in the market, will be launched in April'10 with 4 pages advertisement in 5 major prestigious magazines. Contact the undersign now for a personalized consultatio.... ."

I saw the above advertisement a few days ago. I am wondering what are the "active ingredients" of this product? This amazing product really challenges the ageing process?! As for side effects, the advertiser did not mention anything about it! I really do not know how far it is true.

Anyway, I believe those who are scare of growing old will be attracted by this advertisement! I am wondering how would a 80 years old man look like after using the product? An old face with a young skin? I am really curious and interested to find out one day!

Well, why are people so afraid to grow old? What is the problem of growing old? The below interesting question always linger in my mind whenever I come across this type of situation, "Do we have problem when we were young?".

Please share your views!


  1. Interesting point...fresh young skin with an old face. I am not sure if folks have come to grips or terms with the obsession of youthful appearance in old bodies. How do you improve or equalize both?

  2. Good and relevant question! I believe we must learn to age gracefully.

    Why go against the Law of Nature? They are many cases where mankind go against the Nature and eventually they have to suffer terrible consequences!

    I have to emphasize here again that no manufacturer will tell or can the consumers about the details of the side effect of using their products! It could be during that time where they produce the product, they are unable to detect the side effect or it could be the side effect will come only after certain years of consuming it. Anyway, I believe we shouldn't go against the natural process!