Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The "Never Ending Problem" Of Mankind!

"What are the causes of mankind's never ending problems?"
My opinion is : our moral conduct! I believe there are few important moral conducts we have to observe in order for us to eliminate or not to create new problems! There are :
1. Taking the life of others because they are the "stumbling block" towards our progress!
2. Taking things that do not belong to us.
3. Commit sexual misconduct!
4. Not truthful in our speech!
5. Taking intoxicating foods or drinks.
How can we lead a peaceful life if we to break the above moral conducts? We will always live in the shadow of fear! Just to share some examples : If we have killed someone, we are afraid of people taking revenge, if we steal or taking things that do not belong to us (which includes accepting bribe!), we will worry that people may find out and report to the authority, if we have committed sexual misconduct, we will worry that we may contract life threatening diseases and also scare that our spouse may find out and be divorced! If we were to tell lie, we will worry that others may find out the truth and we have to continuously create a big lie to cover the previous lie. If we were to take intoxicants such as drugs, we will worry that our employer may find out and terminate our service and also we will worry that police may arrest us one day!
Any disagreement? Please share your views.

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