Saturday, June 5, 2010

" Tools " vs " Heart "

I just heard of an interesting story about my friend's parent in laws. Her parent in laws like to quarrel everyday. It seems like a daily affair where they will "poke" at each other and start the quarrelling. Both their age add up is more than 140 years old. With their age I do not believe that they do not know how to communicate! People with more than 70 years of communicating experience still have problem in communicating with each others?!

We can invent the best and most advanced comminucation tools in the world, however, if people refuse to communicate or "no heart" to talk to each others, the tools become useless! I still remember I had seen a documentary program about a shipyard which is about 100 years old. One of the directors of the shipyard told the interviewer that when they started the shipyard, they did not luxury of having the communication tools such as handphone, walkie talkie or any wireless devices, however, they still complete the ships and delivered to their customers on time!

What is the real cause of communication problem now? The communication tools or the " Heart and Attitude " of the people?

Anyone to share your views?


  1. Fast action is your best weapon against a heart attack. Why? Because clot-busting drugs and other artery-opening treatments can stop a heart attack in its tracks.

  2. an interesting question. I think the answer is in the age old problem of poor listening, misunderstanding and impatience. Even with our many tools today, if we dont take the time to 'hear' the message and respond appropriately it can lead to a fight.I think another key thing is who wants to be right and who will accept fault or error. can/will one be 'big' enough to be neutral for the peace of it.

  3. Thanks Alma for your valuable comments. You are absolutely right! I especially love your last statement, i.e. "can/will one be "big "enough to be neutral for the peace of it! Hahaha.... .

  4. Thanks V.Alium for your great sharing. May you be well and happy always!

  5. I think if you open yourself up to the person you are talking, remove any pre-conceived notions and especially any ego boundaries then there is no way that communication is not going to be effective.

  6. Thanks Gautam for your valuable sharing.
    I belive communication is a two ways traffic. Both parties must be open only they can talk. Anyway, if it is just one way, it's called "Instruction"! Hahaha... . I have come across many incidences where one party is open enough to talk however, the other party was very suscipious and reserved! This is a serious human problem especially nowaday people just want to communicate through advanced technological instruments! They can't see the body language of the other party and no human feeling was involved. May all human being be well and happy always!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

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    May you be well and happy always.