Monday, July 26, 2010

Is This " Right Thing Right " ?

Teachers can go into politics!

I believe this is a real interesting topic to discuss about. I do not know how many people will support and how many of people will oppose the idea! If a teacher were to join a political party, I really do not know how he can segregate his duty as a teacher and a politician?!

I believe teachers are the most important person in our life, they teach us what is right and what is wrong! By joining a political party, can the teacher have an impartial views towards what he sees and what he does? I do not know.

I believe the duty and the responsibility of a teacher is not just restricted to helping the students to achieve academic excellence. They have to help to inculcate moral values, discipline and provide the right guidance to the students to lead a right and healthy life!

Have you ever seen a politician who praises his opposition party for doing a good job? I do not know! So far what I have seen is politicians busy "digging" another party faults and highlighting them to the whole world so that they can gain more supporters! In order for the politicians to do it, they will have to instill hatred towards all the members within the party so that they will dislike the other party and help them to "dig" whatever that are unfavorable to the opposition party!

Can a person who will instill hatred towards other guides us on the right path? Please share your views!

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