Wednesday, July 28, 2010

" To Be Positive " Or " To Be Realistic "?

I believe many of us will have great difficulties to choose between to be positive or to be realistic when we are facing challenges! I had come across many businessman who are facing this problem. They are usually lost at this crossroad! Just to share a good example is : recently, one of my friends who was once upon a time a well known property developer has been greatly affected by the economic slowdown and is facing a real serious financial problem. One of his creditors has filed a petition to the Court to wind up his company. He is very frustrated and he told me that why nobody can see the future like what he sees! According to him, the total gross development value of all his projects has exceeded RM4 billion and why the people do not want to give him a chance! Currently, he is not only facing the problem with the creditors, he is also facing the problem with his bankers. He has been given one month to resolve the issue with the said creditor if he wants to stop the winding up petition! As the amount involved is too large, I really do not know how he is going to settle the matter with the said creditor! Some of my friends who are financial advisers told me that unless he is willing to dispose off some of his projects or there is a "white knight" to rescue him, or else that's the end of his company. From what I am aware, this friend of mine is highly egoistic and very "kiatsu" type of person, I really do not know whether he will take the advice of the financial advisers?! Anyway, that's his life and I wish him all the best!

I believe many of us will face or had faced this type of situation before where you have to choose between to be positive or to be realistic! How to be positive if you are avoiding reality? How to face the reality if you are not positive? It is a real tricky question! Anyway, I believe they have to come in pair!
Anyone has any views to share?

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