Saturday, May 22, 2010

" I Don't Care " Mindset!

" Paralysed Girl Gets RM800,000 "

The above was the headline highlighted in one of today's newspaper. A tragic accident more than 10 years ago left the girl paralysed from the chest down.

I believe different people may have different views towards the above news. Some people may say that what is the point of getting the compensation where you are paralysed? Some may say, "Wow, got so much money! ".

Sometime, I do not understand why some people can take life so lightly. They thought that every problem can be solved by money! Recently, I met with an accident. My car was "banged" by a pick up van from behind. The very first thing the driver said when he came out from the car was : " Just dented only. No problem la, you can claim from my insurance company. My insurance company is very efficient, you can get the claim very fast! No need to worry! ". I was utterly disappointed with the attitude of the driver! He did not even ask me whether I or the passengers in my car were hurt? He was more concern about the car! The worst part was that, he did not even regret over his mistake and apologise! In his mind, he thought that he has insurance coverage, why worry?! Insurance company will help him to solve his problem! I was sad to find out later that, he is a "horrible" driver! He has bad driving attitude and used to knock at people very often!

I believe some people need a critical incident to attain realisation! Sometime, it would be too late for them to realise if that critical incident were to take place. Why can't people "wake up" by themselves? Any good advice for this type of people?


  1. Sadly we have many people with the profile of the one you encountered.I am glad that there were no serious injury for you or your passenger. Unfortunately the state or Dept of Motor vehicle has to monitor more closely and perhaps suspend licenses of horrible drivers based on their performance before something more serious happens to keep the road safe.

  2. Yes. I fully agreed with your comments.

    I believe parents should also play their part to guide their children to drive safely! We can't just leave it to the Authority. Agree?